Depending on the needs of the client, I am intuitively guided to use various tools from my tool belt.  Essentially I have learned many powerful healing techniques over the years and I Do My Best to serve the needs of each client, either in person, via skype or distant healing. Each technique I have learned is treated with due respect to keep the integrity of its original form intact.






See below for further descriptions:

1. Michael D’alton’s BIO ENERGY HEALING

This technique focuses on removing stagnant energy from the main energy centers in the body (chakras),  helping to restore the body’s natural energy flow and vitality. I use a sequence of energy movements to help shift ones energy and help alleviate, if not obliterate, the issue, and/or at least help one come closer in awareness to their body, mind and spirit connection.

I often see people who feel ill, in pain or blocked from accessing their true potential in their body, mind and/or spirit and there is no real medical explanation despite testing. Often our issues cannot be detected in the physical body as they enter through our energetic bodies first, which is why this technique is so effective for lifting emotional, spiritual and physical pain.

To achieve a new level of health, 5 sessions are recommended. Either 4 daily sessions, 4 days in a row with a follow up after 4 weeks or 4 sessions over 4 weeks with a follow up after 4 weeks (approx.).

This is the base modality that I use for most of my sessions.

Bio Energy Healing via Long distance

Incase you live on the other side of the world or are unable to travel, Distant Healing is an available tool where there are no barriers such as time, space or location.  With focused intention, and by connecting to the Infinite Source Energy of All That Is, healing  can be facilitated anywhere in the world! Amazing!

For these sessions, I will connect with you either through skype, phone or email.


Theta Healing is a meditational process that creates physical, psychological, and spiritual healing with focused prayer, through the creator of all that is.  As a practitioner, I am trained to access the theta brain wave state and help clients to pull and re-program old and negative belief systems, which are normally at the core of ailments, disease and/or discomforts experienced in the physical body or life in general. Often the belief systems are created as young children and are the unconscious view points from which we see and interact with the world from.

The Theta Healing System is a very potent process of re-discovering ourselves on deeper levels.  It helps to clear and align one self to their true values and beliefs that will serve on the path to being the magnificent Beings we are All truly meant to be, in full health and vitality!

This technique is quite similar to another that I have practiced since 2007, called Core Transformation Healing (CTH).  The Theta Healing process has given me more dynamic tools to use with the CTH foundation of connecting to the Creator of all that Is.


QHHT, also known as Past Life Regression Therapy is a technique that is quite unique and powerful.  Through hypnosis, the client is lead into a theta brain wave state while being guided to information in different times, spaces and locations, that have the keys to unlocking insight and healing potential for this present life.

We are then able to dialogue with the subconscious mind and often spontaneous healing occurs on many levels in just one session!  The best part about this type of healing is that it becomes very evident to each client that they are their own master healer and have this tool at their own disposal at any time!


This technique is quite powerful to cleanse any space of lower vibrational energies. Whether it is to sell a house, or just lighten up the space,  I practice a variety of effective techniques that have naturally expressed themselves through me with the integration of my journey and practice of Energy Healing.


Here you will find some techniques for tapping into your own personal medicine!

In Earth Medicine, Shamanistic practices are utilized as tools for accessing the spirit realm and the subtle energies that are present in this plane of existence, that are often affecting us energetically and are often difficult to detect. This is an effective way of working with the elements of nature to clear the subtle energies from our energetic bodies leading us into higher states of personal awareness and health.

I am in a practicum phase of being a Shamanic Coach, and have been for years as it is a walk of life for me rather than a destination. At this time, I am offering the following services for Free!

Ceremonies for Personal Growth:

  • Shamanic Trance Drum Journey’s as means to connect individuals with their Chief Power Animals ( the animals most associated with your essence & the ones supporting you on your journey), build a medicine wheel in the nagual (non material/dream world), and be introduced to the animals that sit around your personalized wheel.
  • Karmic Tie Cutting: This is simple technique to essentially energetically cut away any unwanted energetic cords with people or situations.  This allows what no longer serves us in these connections to dissolve while regaining our own personal power.
  • Shadow Reconciliation: is a deeply healing process whereby a person has a reconciliation with their shadow side, in other words, parts of ourselves that we don’t like or tend to hide from ourselves and others, and bring it into the light for healing. This will require the shadow power animal which sits in the south east of the medicine wheel helping us to see both our light and dark sides. This journey can only be completed once you have received your chief power animal.
  • Restoration Journey (soul retrieval): Is a full reconciliation of past issues that are so unresolved (or painful) that the events that caused them (whether remembered or forgotten) have caused an internal separation in the person. A greater sense of balance and wholeness will result as the past experience is completed, integrated and healed.

I am Not a medical doctor nor do I give diagnosis, I leave this to the medical professionals.  All of what I offer is completely safe & compatible with conventional medical treatment. 


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