I feel Amazing! You will too!

  “I wholeheartedly recommend Sarah Jane! I came to her for 4 Bio Energy treatments, seeking to heal childhood trauma and step fully into my power. I was quite nervous at first because I’d never done energy work before, but she made me feel at ease and quickly gained my trust, which is so essential in this kind of work. She helped me to release very heavy and stuck emotions and to regain full possession of my body—places that had been numb and closed off.  I can move and stretch with a freedom I’ve never known before. I feel a clearer sense of self and purpose. She also gave me tools to practice with on my own for keeping my space safe and clear. I feel so enriched by my experience with her, and am filled with gratitude. I look forward to working with her again!”


Cassandre, Nelson BC


“With a heavy heart and seemingly no purpose in life, I booked a series of 4 sessions with Sarah Jane. After the energy work I felt lighter. My concerns and burdens had dissipated. Happier and hopeful I came through with a renewed sense of purpose and joy of life.  Sarah Jane is a warm, caring and kind woman whom will assist you on your journey and path …I thoroughly enjoyed my time with her! 

You are a precious gift to humanity … thank you again for helping me, help myself with the support of my ancestors … I feel empowered again!!!                                                                                                                                                             G. Remmick, Nelson , BC 

This series of sessions worked well for me.  By the end of it, almost all my anxiety problems were gone and I am now able to do everything I want without having to hesitate.  The sessions themselves were relaxing and easy to go along with and it felt like a difference was being made which was satisfying.  Subsequently my lower back stopped hurting as a result of these sessions.  This healing works!!!!

M. Klassen, Saltspring Island, BC

I have seen Sarah Jane three times for treatments.She is always loving, gentle and non-judgmental.  Each time my energy has increased immensely.  I also feel stronger and more confident to enjoy my life.

B. Marchbank, Saltspring Island, BC

Thank you for connecting with me – especially today – my celebration day of jumping once again into my faith and I am so grateful to you for taking my hand while I jumped !!!!  I feel comfortable with you, very safe, honoured, and that I am being taken great care of.

My decision to cancel the surgery is based on my core belief in the Great Spirit’s ability to heal my body. Your clear and open channeling as a healer and my sense of your presence of authority has helped me to be true to myself.

I am really honouring, loving and being gentle with myself with this decision.I would like to work more with you – excellent shifts on all levels – one of my cysts is completely gone now much to my amazement!

The continuation of Great Spirits work through you is very awe inspiring.  I have never experienced anything – anything – like it !!!  My world has definitely shifted. I am excited to see the changes that come into my life now.

L. Smith, Victoria BC

I received a bioenergy treatment series from Sarah-Jane for my pancreas. In every session there were releases of energy happening, in two sessions quite substantial ones – a deep letting go and healing on the personal and ancestral level. I felt my ancestors’ presence and they were celebrating! From my experience, Sarah-Jane is a gifted natural healer and I can whole-heartedly recommend her.

H. Gruner, Saltspring Island, BC

Sarah Jane has blessed a number of our properties with her healing work.  Our intention in hiring Sarah Jane was to clear these spaces from any negative energy and/or blocked energy so that they could attract positive tenants and successful scenarios for all involved.  Sarah Jane is intuitive, gifted and heart-centered in the work that she does.  We highly recommend her services to anyone wanting to positively shift the energy within a space or circumstance.

P. Allan & L. Monk, Saltspring Island, BC 


This was a very comfortable and beautiful experience. The energy was lovely, I felt rejuvenated and peaceful. Thank you!     A. Garneau, Saltspring Island, BC(SSI Health Show)

A very interesting, peaceful experience.  S.Owen, Duncan, BC (SSI Health Show)

I feel so soothed and energized at the same time from one short session.                    C. Bradley, Saltspring Island, BC (SSI Health Show)

Wow! I could feel the energy, it’s like a soothing massage. Thank you!                                    T. Lundy, Saltspring Island, BC (SSI Health Show)


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