Energy Healing

What is Energy Healing?

Energy healing is a non invasive technique that engages with the human energy field surrounding the physical body. The bodies energy naturally flows more freely when it is centered and grounded.

Energy healing uses balancing and grounding techniques to help balance the chi (energy) by removing the imbalances, or blocks, in the human Bio-Energy Field, otherwise known as the aura, via the chakras, the body’s energy centers.

These energy blocks can manifest themselves as stress and anxiety or disease within the body, mind and spirit.  Removing these blocks through intention and a series of clearing techniques, creates a vacuum of energy, reconnecting the earth’s energy and the cosmic energy of the universe in perfect balance within human body and Bio- Energy Field.

The body will align with its natural energy flow finding equilibrium resulting in feelings of peace, harmony, as well as clarity of mind. Furthermore promoting natural healing on all levels of being restoring natural radiant health!

What energy healing has done for others and can potentially do for you? 

• improve overall physical health and wellness
• facilitate the healing of specific illnesses
• reduce stress and anxiety
• increase energy
• induce peaceful states of mind
• help obtain perceptual clarity
• create experiences of deep relaxation and bliss
• create space to receive greater joy and confidence
• assist in gaining greater enthusiasm and ease in daily living
• expand the sense of well-being
• awaken the authentic self and assist toward spiritual purpose and fulfillment

What causes Energy in our bodies to become stagnant?

One of the most common triggers of our energy becoming blocked or stagnant is stress.  Stress is something we all interact with daily and process differently.  Physical, emotional and mental stress caused from traumas of all sorts, loss, suppressed feelings, working in negative environments, accidents and injuries etc., all interrupt the body’s natural flow of energy, and often lead to dis-ease and dysfunction.

Often times emotions are suppressed through various means to move on in life. As time passes, if you have not fully dealt with or learned the lessons from the stress, then you will carry it in your body in some form until it can be released. As time passes you may start to experience pain in your body or develop a disease, seemingly unrelated- yet the body never forgets!  

So if you are experiencing any sort of ailment, ache or pain in your body, it is your body’s magical way of telling you that there is a block in your energy and that something is patiently waiting to be released and healed!!!



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