From now on, I am offering my services through a Gift Economy, which means my prices below are only suggested prices!!! Essentially I would love to offer my services for free, yet in this day in age, money is the currency and I see this as the best way for me to make a contribution to this movement.

Below is a list of the various healing modalities that I practice. For the Bio Energy Healing, 5 sessions are recommended to achieve a New Level of Health. With that being said, each modality can be experienced in one session and some of my services offered can be done with a group of people.

Below are the suggested sliding scale donations for each service:

1. Bio Energy Healing  90 minute session, in person or distant healing $55- $108

2. Theta Healing   90 minute session $55-$108

3. Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique 3-5 hr session, recording provided $180- $360

4. Energetic Land Clearing By Donation (suggested minimum for over 1 acre properties $144)

5. Earth Medicine ie. drum journeying, soul retrieval, ceremonies for personal growth etc. are Free of charge

You can also make a donation to help sponsor someone else’s healing 🙂

Make a Donation Button


2 thoughts on “Rates

    • Hi Tamar,
      In distant healing, there are no barriers such as time, space or location. With focused Intention, and by connecting to the Infinite Source Energy of All That Is, I am able to facilitate Healing anywhere in the world! It is like when you are travelling or even when your loved ones are away from you and all you have to do is think of them and voila, they are essentially with you. Well our thoughts are very powerful and we are able to tap into another persons energy from any location. With this in mind, I connect with the clients energy and do the treatment in a meditation form, or sometimes I physically do the treatment as if the person were standing in front of me. We are all connected, no separation, truly Amazing! I hope this explains things a little better for you?!

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